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EFT Practitioners’ Guide to Addictions and Cravings

EFT Practitioners' Guide to Addictions and Cravings The missing piece from your ‘toolbox’ has arrived! This is not a training course but EFT courses simply do not have the time to teach you what is included in this Guidance Manual which helps you t

Cost: £9 or €11

7 Steps to Conscious Health Practice

Screenshot 2016-01-26 10.40.10 7 Steps to Conscious Health Practice online personal breakthrough workshop is a full 'on-demand' online version of the live 4 day workshop. It is specially designed for those who want to watch the

Cost: £449

Build Your Confidence.

Self Confidence The reasons we lack confidence are often deep rooted within the subconscious mind. Sometimes a single comment or event will have caused this lack of confidence. This 6 week package helps to boost your

Cost: £59.99

Self-Esteem EFT Training Course

Confidence Public Speaking, Self-Esteem, Speeches, Romance, Business, Sports, and Self-Worth – Your Interactive Video EFT Self-Confidence Program This easy to use innovative web based program is designed to

Cost: $55.95

Your EFT Pain Self-Management Online Program

pain Let me help you – I used to be constantly in pain myself… Till I discovered EFT! Your Pain Release EFT Program is a modular computer interactive service that works as if you are having sessions

Cost: $9.50

EFT Powerpoint Presentation

EFT Powerpoint Presentation This 28 slide Presentation can be used by Practitioners as an introduction to EFT for Workshops or by Trainers for a Level 1 course. Comes with full speaker notes. EXCELLENT VALUE!

Cost: £18.00

EFT Training Manuals

Every professional Trainer knows the importance of providing manuals for their students and preparing training materials takes time and effort. A good manual provides a source of reference that aligns

Cost: £60.00

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