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EFT Practitioners’ Guide to Addictions and Cravings

EFT Practitioners' Guide to Addictions and Cravings The missing piece from your ‘toolbox’ has arrived! This is not a training course but EFT courses simply do not have the time to teach you what is included in this Guidance Manual which helps you t

Cost: £7

7 Steps to Conscious Health Practice

Screenshot 2016-01-26 10.40.10 7 Steps to Conscious Health Practice online personal breakthrough workshop is a full 'on-demand' online version of the live 4 day workshop. It is specially designed for those who want to watch the

Cost: £449

Build Your Confidence.

Self Confidence The reasons we lack confidence are often deep rooted within the subconscious mind. Sometimes a single comment or event will have caused this lack of confidence. This 6 week package helps to boost your

Cost: £59.99

Self-Esteem EFT Training Course

Confidence Public Speaking, Self-Esteem, Speeches, Romance, Business, Sports, and Self-Worth – Your Interactive Video EFT Self-Confidence Program This easy to use innovative web based program is designed to

Cost: $55.95

Your EFT Pain Self-Management Online Program

pain Let me help you – I used to be constantly in pain myself… Till I discovered EFT! Your Pain Release EFT Program is a modular computer interactive service that works as if you are having sessions

Cost: $9.50

EFT Powerpoint Presentation

EFT Powerpoint Presentation This 28 slide Presentation can be used by Practitioners as an introduction to EFT for Workshops or by Trainers for a Level 1 course. Comes with full speaker notes. EXCELLENT VALUE!

Cost: £18.00

EFT Training Manuals

Why reinvent the wheel? Why spend months preparing material when you can download as many copies as you like.Add your own logo and details. Every professional Trainer knows the importance of prov

Cost: £60.00

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