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EFT Practitioners’ Guide to Addictions and Cravings

EFT Practitioners' Guide to Addictions and Cravings The missing piece from your ‘toolbox’ has arrived! This is not a training course but EFT courses simply do not have the time to teach you what is included in this Guidance Manual which helps you t

Cost: £7

EFT Training Manuals

Why reinvent the wheel? Why spend months preparing material when you can download as many copies as you like.Add your own logo and details. Every professional Trainer knows the importance of prov

Cost: £60.00

Discover the Magic of EFT for Bullying

Discover the Magic of EFT for Bullying The only EFT for Bullying book on the market and voted one of the best instructional books of 2014, by Shelf Unbound. This book is a must have for any parent, teacher, counselor, care-giver or chil

Cost: $18.95 or less

Tecniche di Libertà Emozionale e Bambini

Tecniche di Libertà Emozionale e Bambini_Copertina_Gaetana Tonti. EFT, Tecnica di Libertà Emozionale, è una tecnica di guarigione che può alleviare molti sintomi fisici, mentali ed emotivi. Una delle basi di EFT è la convinzione che 'La causa di tutte le emozion

Cost: euro 2,99

Emotional Freedom Technique and Children

why this book? because children are Magic …They still hold within them the Wonder of Life, the curiosity and the openness to experience life in all its nuances, with the infinite possibilities it of

Cost: £ 1.99

Freedom from exam stress using EFT ebook

FREEDOM FROM EXAM STRESS - 2500 The book helps students with the pressures and challenges they face in the build up to and taking exams. The book includes chapters on how to overcome procrastination, pre-test anxiety, feeling ove

Cost: £9.95

‘Finding Peace Now’

SKU-000498330_COVER[1] - Version 3 A small handbook combining the healing power of Emotional Freedom Techniques with the creating power of the Law of Attraction. When you feel good, life gets better and better. You can change the w

Cost: $13.00

Find YOU, Find LOVE – Get to the heart of love and relationships using EFT

Find YOU, Find LOVE is a practical self help workbook that will guide you to get to the heart of your love and relationship problems. Foreword by Karl Dawson - Bestselling Author of Matrix Reimprin

Cost: £12.97

EFT for Dummies

EFT for Dummies This book is available on, and Available in English, French, Dutch and Slovenian. An acclaimed best seller!!

Cost: From £8.00

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