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This is training with a difference! Not only will you receive first class training, you will get lots of support afterwards to help you confidently set up your own EFT practice or integrate EFT into your existing holistic therapy business.
EFT has changed my life and it will change yours too, and your clients’.
Here are eight ways that I have use EFT to change lives (and there are lots more) and you will be able to do the same after your training:
1. “My husband doesn’t want sex with me”
I recently worked with a client who had sexual problems after a vasectomy which was causing stress in his marriage. After one session of EFT where we dealt with the negative associations he had with the surgical procedure, his wife had no complaints!
2. Feeling bad about your weight?
Who do you know who dreads looking in the mirror before a night out? Who feels that everyone else looks better that they do? Who feels bad every time they eat chocolate? Did you know that most people don’t have a weight problem, they have an emotional problem that is causing the weight to pile on.
A client who had been separated from her classmates at school on many occasions found comfort in eating. Once we cleared the issues around separateness using EFT, her weight issues went away. You can help people do the same and overcome weight issues.
3. Diabetes need not be a permanent condition; it can be healed
A client diagnosed with type 2 diabetes was given standard treatment which had horrible side-effects so she wanted a more holistic solution.
In our powerful investigatory consultation we discovered this had its roots in childhood abuse which we cleared using EFT. And she no longer has diabetes or needs medication.
4. From terror to happy flyer with EFT
My client won the holiday of a lifetime to the Maldives, but had always been terrified of flying. During the investigatory phase of the consultation we found a number of root causes and used EFT to clear each one. And she had a happy flight and the best holiday ever.
EFT is a wonderful treatment for fears and phobias of flying, snakes, heights and spiders.
5. Freedom from back pain
One of my clients had severe back pain for over 20 years. I investigated and discovered the root causes of the pain were down to childhood issues which we were able to clear using EFT. After ten months she is still pain-free.
Did you know that EFT can help with back pain, shoulder pain, knee pain and headaches?
6. Are interview nerves holding you back?
A client had an important interview. He struggled in interviews and could not find the words he needed. During our consultation we found a time in his childhood when he was humiliated in class. We cleared the negative emotions linked to the memory so that the issue is no longer there. His interview went brilliantly and he was offered the job with a better car and salary and will take his family on the holiday of a lifetime.
EFT can help with interview nerves and public speaking.
7. Are panic attacks ruining your life?
My client was experiencing panic attacks several times a day. She was unable to work and constant nausea made eating difficult. Over a number of sessions we found the root cause which was a shocking event which had led to the panic. I taught her how help herself whenever she felt a panic attack begin so that she could control it. Her panic attacks reduced in frequency and she returned to work. A year later she is still free from panic attacks.
EFT is a powerful method to deal with panic attacks and to treat the underlying issues causing them.
8. Successful pregnancy after miscarriage
I worked with a woman who had had a traumatic miscarriage which left her feeling deeply upset. She failed to become pregnant again and recognised that her subconscious was protecting her from experiencing a similar ordeal. I used EFT to help her to clear the negative emotions associated with the miscarriage and within a month she was pregnant and is now sharing her life with a beautiful, healthy baby girl.
EFT is an amazing treatment for trauma around miscarriage and childbirth.

We keep our training courses small with a maximum of eight trainees, so that you get the one to one support you need.

Book your place NOW. There will only be three courses this year. Don’t miss out the chance to enjoy this unique, life-changing training.

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