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People who use EFT can validate it’s extraordinary results, but there are those who require  the  back up of  scientific research studies.


As of 2017, there are over 100 research studies, review articles and meta-analyses that have been published in professional, peer-reviewed journals.

There is now robust evidence that EFT and other energy psychology techniques work extremely well. Those of us who have been working for a while with EFT know this through experience.

But for those who need convincing about the efficacy of EFT, research is crucially important.
You will still find some who dismiss EFT as pseudoscience and nothing more than the placebo effect. Some even claim bizarrely that there is no research to show EFT works. These sources are not well informed. This is not surprising given the nature of EFT: it is undeniably strange looking and most who are new to the technique are at least a little sceptical. It may even be threatening for some.  At the bottom of the page are also weblinks to external sites.

As of mid 2017 there have been:

  • 48 randomised controlled trials

  • 43 outcome studies

  • 6 systematic reviews

  • 4 meta-analyses (a further 2 on anxiety, depression and PTSD will be published in 2016)

In the last few years research on energy psychology has gathered pace and the quality has improved. In particular, the randomised controlled trials and outcome studies show 98% positive results!

There are over 400 identified forms of psychotherapy, and the majority of them have very little research to validate them. Energy psychology is in the top 10% in terms of research for psychotherapy modalities.

Explaining the science behind energy healing, and proving it works through research, will gradually enable EFT and other energy psychology techniques to be more widely accepted. As this happens EFT will reach a bigger volume of clients, practitioners, and those in the healing field. The bottom line is that solid research will help more people to heal.

 Here are just some excellent results that have  recently emerged and more will follow…..




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Energy Psychology: Hierarchy of Evidence  -  EP_Hierarchy_of_Evidence_-_J


Dr David Feinstein was a member of the Dept of Psychiatry at John Hopkins;  he investigated many varied therapy approaches and found none consistently brought lasting therapeutic change.  After being exposed to EFT for many years and dismissing its claims, he finally decided to undertake a study himself.  Dr Feinstein’s reports on the scientific evidence behind EFT, including randomised controlled trials eventually convinced him of the power and effectiveness of EFT and is now a great proponent of EFT.  Download and read Acupoint_Stimulation_Research_Review  bearing upon the effectiveness of Energy Psychology through February 2012, published in Review of General Psychology (a flagship journal of the American Psychological Association)   

Also, highly respected medical professionals specialising in trauma, like Dr Robert Scaer (‘Body Bears the Burden,’ ‘Trauma Spectrum’ and www.traumasoma.com), and people researching and theorising about psychological recovery from trauma like Dr Stephen Porges (‘Poly Vagal Nerve Theory’) and Peter Levine ‘Waking the Tiger’, all recommend acupressure point stimulation to relieve psychological stress. Even Dr Gordon Turnbull (‘Trauma’), who has worked with special forces and countless other military personnel, talks about EFT as a promising field of treatment.”

The ACEP website also has a wealth of research papers….  Click HERE


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