Early Childhood Trauma & Dissociation

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Thiis article is attributed to Malcolm Idoine


This article briefly explores therapeutic theory and practice concerning the treatment of adults with severe infant childhood trauma (premature birth, ongoing serious illness, ongoing abuse, etc.), particularly those clients that as adults suffer from dissociative symptoms. It draws on a range of literature from the trauma field as well as specific literature on depersonalisation. (more…)

February 11, 2017 |

EFT on a Child’s Stage Fright

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An aritcle written by Kathryn Etheridge

I have had great results using EFT on my son.  I tapped on him while we talked about his fears about performing in our church’s Christmas program last December.  They had two practices, one of which he missed because we were out of town and the other in which he burst into tears and refused to participate.


December 10, 2015 |

EFT Comic Strip for Kids

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Tony Macelli is a student of the EFT & Mindfulness Centre and he has kindly donated these comic strips ( bottom of page)  for EFT members. He also regularly submits interesting links for EFT members.

Tony uses EFT in a voluntary capacity at the St Jeanne Antide Foundation, Malta (linked with the Sisters of Charity, Malta Province) helping people who are in need of emotional relief.  He also is a spiritual artist and his work can be found here.

Tony can be found on the EFT Register here.



March 31, 2015 |

How to get EFT into schools

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An article written by Mary Stafford

My dream is that every child will learn EFT in elementary school — and then go home and teach their parents!  I had a call from a woman, yesterday, asking me how to get EFT into schools.  I am writing this article to share my ideas with the rest of you.  If children could learn how to tap, they could release anger, hurt, sadness, embarrassment, etc.  They could recover from difficult situations and proceed with a much better quality of life. (more…)

March 29, 2015 |

Emotional Health in Schools

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Extract from ‘Emotional Health & Well-being in Schools’ – a training programme by Helena Fone


A school/college that promotes positive, emotional health in children and young people will help them learn to understand and express their feelings, build their confidence and emotional resilience and therefore their capacity to learn.  Schools have a direct influence on the emotional health of their pupils and staff ; and in turn, this has an impact on academic and other achievements.  (more…)

March 29, 2015 |

From Chaos to Calm

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This article has kindly been donated by Shirley Archibald

Becoming a parent for the first time, although joyful, can also be one of the most stressful things you do in your life.  It is common to feel overwhelmed, inadequate and isolated and these feelings often unearth subconscious memories from your own childhood.  EFT/Matrix Reimprinting is a technique that can help you get to the root of these issues from your past and change the negative patterns that could be holding you back in your own life and help you to be the parent you’d like to be. (more…)

March 25, 2015 |

Flyers for EFT in Schools

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Steve Wells has very kindly donated these flyers!

Over the last 10-12 years I have conducted over 50 workshops in schools that incorporated tapping. These flyers were sent out to the schools and the workshops were conducted as public seminars, with participants from a large number of schools attending each. Typically, each time I sent out schools would also contact me about running the workshops “in-house” for their staff. Also, some participants of the public seminars also arranged workshops for their schools. (more…)

March 25, 2015 |

My experience of taking EFT into schools

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An article by Kathryn Pearson on her experience of taking EFT into schools

It was my trainer, who at the time was my mentor Sally, who first suggested I could combine my real job of secondary school teaching with my new dream job, an EFT practitioner. I quickly dismissed it. I didn’t want anything from my past interfering with my new found passion and joy! Then over time, again and again, the more people I told about EFT, the more it got suggested; ‘oh you should get that into schools! To date I have found solace in a few colleagues in my school-our KS4 pastoral support worker and the 6th form pastoral support worker. I approached both these ladies whom I knew were running ‘exam stress’ groups with their year groups. Both were a success – Of course! Its EFT! My first group was a group of Y11s. Their group was specifically designed as somewhere they could come each week to relax and switch off from the pressure of exams and revision. (more…)

March 25, 2015 |
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