About Us

The EFT Register website was established in 2008 as a public resource to help the public find an EFT Practitioner/Trainer in their locality and to expand the knowledge of EFT around the world. The Register is open to ALL who practice EFT or its equivalents and represents the good faith and ideas of its founder.  With effect from 31st December 2016, all registrants on this site will need to confirm they are certified and all those who wish to be listed as ‘accredited’ will be asked for proof.  We have also set up a Complaints Procedure as well as criteria to be listed.

We are working on bringing our website up to date to comply with the new GDPR regulations.     You can read more about this HERE  to find out if you need to make changes.  Our Website Policy can be found HERE    and our Terms and Conditions can be found HERE.

The Register is independent of all associations and has been rebuilt as a community resource – as each milestone is reached, another enhancement is made to the site so YOU benefit from your investment!

Fees are kept to a minimum and are set to cover overhead maintenance and development.


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