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 People who use EFT can validate it’s extraordinary results, but there are those who require  the  back up of scientific research studies.

Public interest in complementary therapies has grown at a significant rate so research is more important than every for any medical intervention because anecdotal evidence alone cannot validate whether it works or is safe. Whether it’s one person or many people, believing that a particular therapy helped them is not enough. An improvement in their health could be due to

  • Another medicine or intervention they are taking

  • Coincidence

  • Change in other circumstances

Evidence based therapies are accepted by professional institutions as they have scientific evidence to support it’s efficacy.  Despite the fact that EFT is not yet regarded as being evidence based, it has passed a range of clinical trials and studies which are still ongoing.  The National Institute of Clinical Evidence were impressed enough to recommend further research into the effectiveness of EFT comparing it to EMDR for post traumatic stress.

Here are just some excellent results that have  recently emerged and more will follow…..




EFT Research paper

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Still sceptical?

Dr David Feinstein was a member of the Dept of Psychiatry at John Hopkins;  he investigated many varied therapy approaches and found none consistently brought lasting therapeutic change.  After being exposed to EFT for many years and dismissing its claims, he finally decided to undertake a study himself.  Dr Feinstein’s reports on the scientific evidence behind EFT, including randomised controlled trials eventually convinced him of the power and effectiveness of EFT and is now a great proponent of EFT. Read this scholarly review of the evidence bearing upon the effectiveness of Energy Psychology through February 2012, published in Review of General Psychology (a flagship journal of the American Psychological Association)   

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