Psychodermatology and EFT


SkinSkin reflects the mind and the mind reflects the skin.  Psychodermatology is an emerging subspeciality of dermatology and is the study and practice of the relation between skin disorders and psychological aspects.  The British Association of Dermatologists, together with psychiatrists and psychologists have formed a group aimed at raising awareness  on the psychosocial impact of skin disease and to promote multi-disciplinary management.  In the USA,  The Association for Psychoneurocutaneous Medicine of North America is an organization made up of dermatologists, psychiatrists, psychologists and allied health professionals dedicated to the study of the skin and mind connection.


April 7, 2017 |

EFT for Tourette Syndrome


I don’t often write about the ‘one minute wonders with EFT’ as I prefer not to sensationalise but sometimes they are too good to ignore as in this case of using EFT on a boy diagnosed with Tourette Syndrome. (more…)

December 3, 2015 |
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